Problems in Outlook? Contact at Microsoft Support Number

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which is marketed by Microsoft and is used personally and professionally to send/ receive mails, manage appointments, contacts and calendar. The Outlook is gaining popularity all over the world. So in case you have any doubts about the same you can get all the assistance on Microsoft Support Number anytime anywhere.

Following are the problems faced in Outlook:

Check if Outlook is Up to Date

  • An outdated version of outlook will not function properly. If you are not using the updated versions of Windows and Outlook, it is not much advisable so make sure that you have the latest versions of both. If you are not able to find out you may take the assistance of technician over call.

Disable Compatibility Mode

  • In windows 7, if you get an error message that “cannot start Microsoft Outlook” then you need to disable the compatibility mode. This feature is added so that the programs of older version can be used but this sometimes creates a problem.

Disable Active Add-Ins

  • If the outlook is working fine in safe mode, but there occurs a problem when it is deactivated, then there is a error in add-ins.
  • Then you need to disable add-ins in safe mode by clicking on file, then Options, then add-ins.
  • After this you can enable each add-in individually to check the particular one that has a fault.
  • Incase of any further doubts or queries you can call on the helpline number created by Microsoft, i.e. Microsoft Support Phone Number, which is available 24×7, across the globe to help the users!

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